Access Ramps – Private and Councils

Project Brief:

The primary objective of these projects centres on facilitating seamless ground-level access from the residences of our clients who face mobility challenges. This encompasses solutions designed for wheelchair users as well as those utilising portable walking aids.

Project Challenges:

The key challenge in projects of this nature lies in precisely calculating the gradient necessary for the ramps to reach ground level. While this can typically be accomplished, certain spatial constraints occasionally necessitate the implementation of custom solutions, such as our alternative platforms and lifts.

The End Results!

As evidenced by the accompanying photographs, our PVC decking blend harmoniously with the architectural aesthetics of our clients’ homes. This is often favoured over metal alternatives for various reasons: ease of maintenance, visual appeal, corrosion resistance, and slip-resistance. Additionally, all ramps are constructed in modular sections, allowing for straightforward disassembly when needed.

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