Glass Balustrades – Kilwinning

Project Brief:

This project in Kilwinning was for a low-maintenance domestic deck that would transform the garden, add character, extend the customers living space but also still have a view of the garden. At that moment in time, they had a slabbed area, which they wanted to upgrade.

Our Hampton PVC Decking Range was a great choice. The customer chose our Seamist Green board for its eco-friendly sustainability, which lay with our customers values. The slip-resistant board is perfect for our Scottish wet weather.

To compliment the Sea mist Green boards they chose our clear glass post and clamp balustrades system, so they had a 360 view of the garden, to watch the grand kids and dogs play in the garden while they enjoyed some rest time.

Project Challenges:

The project challenges we had were to design the deck to have a clear view of the garden and incorporate a small tree and blend the deck in with the rear garden.

The tree was of personal value to our customers. We made this a feature of the decking, so it stood out on its own. The deck also had to be large enough to accommodate any family or friends coming for a visit or even dinner. The glass balustrades would give that clear view of the garden from the deck, but also from the living areas in the house. Again, our slip-resistant boards were a main factor too, due to the wet weather we get in Scotland.

The End Results!

The pvc decking project in Kilwinning created a stunning living space for our customer to enjoy their back garden. The deck and glass balustrades integrated beautifully within its surrounding areas and the tree made a great feature in the deck. It is now a place to reflect and enjoy time with friends and family. A very satisfied customer.

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