Our Show-Stopping Display at the Ideal Home Show, Glasgow 2023

As we prepared for the Ideal Home Show at the SECC Glasgow in late May 2023, the excitement was palpable. We knew we were about to showcase something truly special, and we couldn’t wait to share our passion for decking with the attendees.

A Showcase to Remember

From the moment the doors swung open on the 25th of May, it felt like our stall was a magnet for visitors. We had meticulously set up beautiful mock-ups of our decking solutions, each designed to show how they could transform various spaces – from serene caravans to bustling beer gardens and elegant backyards.

Walking visitors through our displays, we felt immense pride. Each mock-up wasn’t just a display of our products but a representation of our promise: to craft spaces where countless memories are forged.

Our Commitment to You

Throughout the event, we wanted to convey a message that went beyond aesthetics. Decking, as we see it, isn’t just about enhancing a space; it’s about creating bridges to unforgettable moments. Whether that’s relaxing with a drink after a taxing day, hosting vibrant barbecues, or simply spending a peaceful evening in a hot tub, our decking sets the stage for these experiences.

We also highlighted the tangible benefits. Incorporating decking doesn’t just beautify a space; it adds significant value. Referring to the 2023 Cost Vs. Value Report from Remodeling Magazine, we were thrilled to share that homeowners could recoup up to 65% of their decking investment when selling their properties.

Engaging with Our Community

But our engagement at the show wasn’t limited to showcasing. We were eager to hear from attendees, understand their dreams for their outdoor spaces, and even offer a chance for them to avail a 10% discount on our decking solutions. All we asked was a small gesture – a like, comment, and share on our heartfelt Facebook post that reflected our deep appreciation for our community.

Reflecting on a Successful Event

As the curtains came down on the Ideal Home Show on the 29th of May, we were left with a heart full of gratitude. The response to our showcase reaffirmed our commitment to quality, our understanding of our customers’ needs, and our undying passion for creating platforms where memories come to life.

In the words that echoed in our stall and in our hearts, “If you want Beautiful, Superior Quality Decking for an excellent price, then going the Modway is the Only Way.”

Ready to Elevate Your Outdoor Space?

Your dream outdoor oasis is within reach. With our expertise and passion, let’s make it a reality. Don’t just imagine the potential; experience it. Reach out to us today, and together, we’ll craft a space where moments become cherished memories.

Contact Modway now and embark on a journey to redefine your outdoor experience.

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